Project 42

Project 42

Bernard – My 42nd year and I’m entering the marathon distance in life and mileage. With no foreseeable races to train for I have decided to set a goal that will span the remainder of 2021, testing my discipline and endurance to their utmost potential. Beginning on my 42nd birthday I will embark on the greatest challenge of my life thus far and run a full 42.2km for 42 weeks.

The plan:

42 Marathons
42 Weeks
42 Age

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EFSC x Community Fridge Toronto

VLIRKA is always about supporting the community and there was an opportunity for our team to support the Community Fridges across Toronto.

EFSC Team custom-designed and VLIKRA BDNS 50 limited edition. 100% of the proceeds purchased grocery for the Community Fridges.

Ciele Athletics x EFSC

EFSC go on a trail adventure with Ciele Athletics gear in Sauble beach


with a goal of discovery at the height of summer, the everyday fit social club set out on a trail run adventure ending at Sauble beach on the bruce peninsula in Ontario.

A welcome overnight break from the city, this run and camping trip reinforced that running is more than just the sport itself and that there is endless beauty in our backyard.⁠⠀

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everybody stay safe. everybody run.⁠⠀
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