• EFSC vs TTC

    Some of us were born here, some of us chose to be here. The TTC has transported us around the city for years without a true appreciation of where it has taken us. Running the routes gave us the opportunity to see the city in a way sitting on a train can’t. 


    Commuting to your next fitness adventure takes the right tools and our BNDS Shoe Holster is the best fit.

  • Ciele Athletics x EFSC

    with a goal of discovery at the height of summer, the everyday fit social club set out on a trail run adventure ending at Sauble beach on the bruce peninsula in Ontario.

  • Rally Beer Co

    Luckily that is a problem that can be solved with a nice cold beer. Rally beer is our go-to choice when we need some time away from our training to relax and reset.

  • Myodetox City Hunt

    Thanks Myodetox for putting on an awesome scavenger hunt!

  • Undefine-X on Track

    The love hate relationship with track is known to most runners. It is where speed is built and pain is endured. The right equipment is key to quality workouts and Undefine-X socks keep our feet feeling fresh throughout the whole workout.

  • Off The Grid – Arc’Teryx

    The EFSC Team was assigned by Arc’Teryx to get off the grid to an unknown destination and run the route.

  • UBX Trail

    Urban Trails testing the UBX socks

  • Good Vibes Only

    EFSC putting in the work with String Track Club @stringtrackclub

  • Flying High

    Nike Toronto presents EFSC with the Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT%